Spettacolo Teatrale
Michele Rezzonico in “You To Be”, Al Hakawati Theatre, Jerusalem, 2019

“ShowRez” is Michele Rezzonico

Actor, clown, and mime, he’s born in Lugano (Switzerland) in 1993.

At 19, Michele decides to move to Paris where he graduates from the Ecole Internationale Professionelle de Mime Corporel Dramatique as a Mime artist. In 2014 he comes back to Verscio (Switzerland) to attend his bachelor course in Physical Theatre at Accademia Teatro Dimitri where he has the opportunity to perform in various professional shows, obtaining the Bachelor in 2017. Fallen in love with the world of clowning, he then immediately continues his studies by attending the Master course in Physical Theatre at Accademia Teatro Dimitri, in order to deepen his knowledge of humor in physicality.

In February 2019 he wins the Migros-Kulturprozent’s national prize for young talents in physical theatre, whereas in May 2019 he works at Lugano’s LAC beside the Italian Premio Ubu Roberto Latini in the play “I Cenci”, directed by Carmelo Rifici. In October 2019 he writes, directs and performs “You To Be”, his first show that goes on a tournée in Middle East.

Michele collaborates with various artists and theatre companies, among which the Compagnie Digestif, and he has been involved in various charity shows organized by the association Clowns Without Borders – Switzerland, collaborating in one occasion with the Swiss clown Gardi Hutter.

Among producing ideas back and forth, collaborating non-stop with local and international artists, and being “almost-on-air” with his own RadioGags, Michele offers private and group workshops to spread the significance of physical theatre and clowning around the world.

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