Clowns Without Borders – 2020

One of the various charity shows offered by the Clown Without Borders – Switzerland association where Michele Rezzonico performed in.

You To Be – 2019

Written, directed and performed by Michele Rezzonico, You To Be is his first solo theatre play. With Simone Mauri’s music, it has been played at Teatro Dimitri di Verscio (Switzerland); Al Shams Theatre in Amman (Jordan); Al Hakawati theatre in Jerusalem (Israel); Al Kasaba Theatre in Ramallah (Palestine). You can find more information here.

I Cenci – 2019

Theatre play directed by Carmelo Rifici in collaboration with the Swiss-Italian Conservatory of Music and played at Lugano’s LAC. Music by Giorgio Battistelli based on Antonin Artaud’s written work and directed by maestro Francesco Bossaglia. Cast included Anahì Traversi, Roberto Latini, Elena Rivoltini e Michele Rezzonico. More information here.

Le Désir Attrappé Par La Queue – 2018

Directed by Pavel Štourač and in collaboration with the Swiss-Italian Conservatory of Music, the text of this play is based on a 1941 Pablo Picasso’s piece with Igor Stravinskij’s music. Conducted by the maestro Arturo Tamayo and played at Lugano’s LAC. Find more information here.

Il Vecchio Inquilino – 2017

Theatre play based on the original Eugène Ionesco story and directed by Cesare Lievi. It has been played at Festival des Écoles du Théâtre public à la Cartoucherie, Paris (France), Teatro Dimitri di Verscio (Switzerland); Teatro Arsenale di Milano (Italy); Teatro Sociale di Bellinzona (Switzerland); Student Festival ITI Unesco Network for Higher Education,  Segovia (Spain). You can…

Sacre Du Gotthard, Alptransit – 2016

Opening ceremony for Alptransit’s Gottard Base Tunnel, the longest railway tunnel in the world. The show has been directed by Volker Hesse. You can find more information on the ceremony here.

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